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AJ 9

Jordan Statue

A few athletes get to have a statue in their honor and even fewer athletes get to have a shoe in the honor of their statue ... unless your name is Michael Jordan. 

This Air Jordan IX has been inspired by the Michael Jordan statue in front of the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls. After his first 3 peat, MJ decided to retire from basketball and Chicago honored his accomplishments with the Bulls by placing a statue of his airness in front of the stadium. 

Why a Jordan IX? Because the MJ statue is wearing a pair of Air Jordan 9s. 

These will be made available at Panthersbrussels on 22/08 at 9AM.

Women's Air Force 1 Suede 0 

Suede Gen Shot White

We love suede shoes!!!! But when you ad a gum sole to it ... That's a killer combination! 

The Air Force 1 is obviously a classic silhouette that has been relevant for 3 decades! But Nike still comes up with modern executions to keep the shoe up to date. 
The suede upper is with a unified color and has a perforated treatment. Both high and low models are available in this execution. 

The only downside is that women are the only ones that will benefit from it. Yes guys, this is a ladies only item... But for those who have a smaller size ( 44 or smaller) you can come and grab a pair at  Pnathers Brussels or Panthers Ghent (Don't worry we won't tell).



A new colorway of the Air Jordan VII is scheduled for this week-end (16/08/2015). This one is kind of special because of its nickname that was already given to a Air Jordan VII that came out earlier this year. 

We can see the big inspiration coming from the cartoon character "Marvin the Martian" on both Air Jordan VII models. Still some of us sneaker lovers had the idea that the first rendition of the "Marvins" had some inspiration taken from the barcelona olympics. 

If you're one of those persons that think that first model did not do justice to the Marvin character, here is a chance to grab a pair of the "Real" Air Jordan VII "Marvin the Martian". 


Available from the 16/08/2015 (15/08/2015 being a natonal holiday) at #PanthersBrussels.

celo cap and Wmsn Jacket Garfield Crew and Mwns Jacket Japanese Wool Jersey Reversible Tank Vintage Garfield Tee You aint a crook son tee

The Munich based brand was founded in 2008 and since then put out a few collections and even had the honor of collaborating with the swoosh brand on a destroyer in 2010.

Today we are proud the welcome the brand in our shop and excited to present it to you! 

For their summer collection they decided to hook up with the comic character "Garfield". Garfield is the most famous lazy cat who loves eating and hates mondays ... Just like most of us! 

From the T-Shirt to the jackets, all the garments were made with quality material and a great eye for details!

Come and take a look at both Panthers location. 

Air Jordan 1 High "The return" 0 

MF 1.5

The NBA has alot of athletes with their signature shoe and every season these athletes get to show of their new models. Michael Jordan is the most famous one without a doubt. 

After his rookie season Michael Jordan was seen sporting the new Air Jordan II during most of the season but for a few quarters he tested a hybrid model. The shoe had the upper of a Air Jordan I with a new mid and outsole. The same mid and outsole would be spotted later on during the season on his new Air Jordan II model. 

Jordan brand decided the bring back that same model, but this time we are the ones that will be wearing it on or off court. 

Come and get yours at our Panthers Brussels location. 





Ben and Bobby Hundreds are back with a Reebok collaboration! Reebok is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Ventilator model this year and the streetwear brand The Hundreds was called to be part of the celebration. We had the chance to see several renditions of the ventilator this year but the brothers probably have one of the best story executed pair. Read more about the shoe in the article